About Us

Bump & Milk: Stylish, Functional Clothing for Pregnant & Breastfeeding Moms. Experience our award-winning designs tailored to meet the unique needs of motherhood. Founded by Alex, a mom who understands the highs and lows firsthand. Join us in redefining comfort and style for every stage of motherhood


Our Purpose

To empower modern mothers throughout breastfeeding and pregnancy.


Our Values

Modern Motherhood

We are driven by the desire that society should change to embrace new mothers - not the other way round. 

No Shame Breastfeeding

We’re here to promote breastfeeding and make it easier for any mother that chooses to do it. 

Flattering & Confident 

Our clothes are always easy to wear, modern, flattering and designed to bring confidence.


Our packaging is 100% recyclable and we work in small production runs to minimise waste. We look for natural fabrics like linen and organic cotton and stay away from man-made fibres.  

Freedom & Flexibility 

We’ve experienced practical life with a baby firsthand. Everything we make is designed to give new mothers the freedom to live each day to the full.